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What Is This Site About?

My name is Jeff Fitzpatrick. I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I was born and raised here, and while I am very proud to be called a Brisbanite, my daughter, granddaughter and grandson live in New Zealand. But enough about me...

The history of this site goes way back to 2001 when I first decided to build a boat in my garage. I envisaged that I would chronicle and document the building of this boat on the internet to help, inspire and share my experiences with other "netizens" on all aspects of building a Stitch and Glue boat.

My dial up connection at that time entitled me to a 10 megabyte allowance in the form of a personal web page. As time went on and the photos of the build were uploaded to the site, I soon reached my limit. The response I was getting was too great not to continue with the chronicling of the build, so I decided I needed to keep the site up. I signed up for another dial up connection just to get another 10 megabyte allowance. This was soon exceeded and I realized that this couldn't go on; I had to do something, and that something was to become a dot com!

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